How to Cut Hair with a Weedwhacker

No, I didn’t really cut my son’s hair with a weed whacker – though it looks like it from most angles… Normally, I cut his hair with scissors.  Lately, he has been screaming bloody murder when I get near him with the scissors.  Oliver doesn’t seem to mind the electric clippers though, after watching Daddy cut his own hair with them.

This was my son 2 days ago.

This is only half the hair we ended up cutting.  I probably should have stopped at this point!

This is the after!  He wouldn’t let me get near his ears with the trimmer, so I’ll have to go clean those up with the scissors after he stops having nightmares.  The top is 1 inch long and the rest is 1/2 an inch. 

The hubby was shocked and a bit horrified from the sound of his voice when he saw the pic I sent him at work.  He says it makes Oliver look like a Vulcan.  He then asked me not to cut Evelyn’s hair…

I think that after a few days it will look just fine… I must say that it is much cooler for him now that the temps are rising.  The poor guy was always sweating with the mop from before.  As he grows, I might bring him to get it professionally cut someday, or maybe for a special event like his birthday.  Otherwise, this is the 7th trim I’ve given him since he’s been born.  That’s $175+ in our pockets.  With all that money saved, I can buy him a baseball cap to wear until his hair grows out a bit!  :-)

I can’t be the only one doing home haircuts out there!  Anyone have a hair raising story they want to share? 

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2 Responses to How to Cut Hair with a Weedwhacker

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    Great job!!!!!! :-)
    I have been trimming Leylah’s bangs myself because she will not keep a barrett/pony tail in her hair longer than 10 minutes (that’s $30 in my pocket). The first time was a bit scary and the second time I was nervous because she would not be still. She looks fine and nobody has even noticed…ha ha!
    At this age their hair grows soo unevenly its not really a big deal if you “mess up” a little. At least that’s my philosphy!
    Happy hair trimming…keep it up!!!

  2. […] help him stay cool, but he was having none of that!  I think he’s still traumatized from the last hair cut I gave him.  Not sure what we’ll do this time […]

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