Painting the Porch: Day 7

We have completed porch steps!  The hubby worked on the steps throughout the week after he got home from work.  He had the first step tacked in on Day 3 and on Day 4 a very annoying salesman broke it by using it as a launching pad to jump on our deck to sell us frozen meat.  Not only did he ruin our work, he rang the doorbell 3 times, opened our glass door and knocked 7 times on the main door.  Needless to say, 20 minutes into their naps my children woke up crying. 

Mental note: Hang a “No Solicitors” sign on the new porch.

No Solicitors. 

I do not want your meat, magazines, phone, cable, or satellite TV.  I do not want your insurance, home repair, religion, shrubberies, miracle spray, or vacuum cleaners.  If you have it and I want it, I will obnoxiously knock on your door to get it

Mail, package, and pizza delivery are welcome.

My hubby kept at it and finished the steps this morning.  He did salvage a few pieces of wood that were in good condition.  I get the rest of the old wood to frame my summer garden.

This time around, the steps are perfectly square and level.  They are also the same size and he used the proper screws to hold everything together. 

For the railing, he cut some spacers and used some handy clamps to hold everything together.  The clamps he bought at Harbor Freight with a coupon for $1.99 each.  A couple of quick screws in each rail and he finished before the rain started falling!

He raised the height of the rails to make them more functional.  You can also see how he scribed the bottom riser to fit the angle of the sidewalk.  Before, I had a big toothy gap at one end where the sidewalk tipped down.  The new staircase is strong, sturdy, and looks 100 times better than before – even without the paint! 

Here’s a reminder as to why the stairs had to be rebuilt in the first place…

Now! On to the painting!  Sigh…unfortunately, as I type, yellow pollen is swirling through the air and blanketing everything in sight.  From experience, there is no way that I will be able to paint until the pollen clears in a couple weeks.  Back to the garden we go…

Have you ever started a project only to have it derailed and turned into something much bigger?  Share your story with us in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Painting the Porch: Day 7

  1. mom says:

    Tell Barry we’re very proud of him! the job looks great :)

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