SAHM one year anniversary

Wow! It has officially been one year since I left my job to be a stay at home mom and a semi-regular blogger.  I traveled to yesteryear to refresh my memory on why I left the work force

I quote myself, “Instead of thinking of everything we will do without, we are thinking of everything we will gain – peace of mind about the baby, less stress, more sleep, more family time and more time to have a cleaner house and better meals.”  This was written without the knowledge that at that very moment, I was pregnant with Evelyn. 

Would things have been different if I had known?  Probably not.  My baby, Oliver, needed to be home with me.  I couldn’t take one more weekend of him being sick or another hospital visit.  (It’s funny that we are both sick right this moment as I type).  I did get more sleep, for a month or two at least, and we had loads of family time.  No more dinner in front of the TV and our clothes managed to get clean every week! 

I can’t say there was less stress.  Transitioning from being a career woman to a stay at home mom was difficult and has its challenges even today.  I give working moms a million kudos for being able to work and take care of your little ones and I give stay at home moms a million kudos for being able to work and take care of your little ones.  There have been times this past year where I have never worked harder in my life to keep the family going.  This must be why they say that you can’t truly appreciate your mother until you become one.  (I love you mom!)

And then there was this little blog that I started… Out of all the things I have written about can you guess what my top 3 posts are?  Make your own foaming handsoap, make your own liquid laundry detergent, and make your own powder laundry detergent!  I’ve pulled some data from this past year on the different things people are typing in search engines to come across my blog.  Soap, soap, and more soap wins hands down.  People find 2Pennies because they want to be clean, clean, clean!  What to do with Fels-Naptha, Kirk’s Castile, washing soda, and borax are repeat searches.  Foaming hand soap dispensers, clogs, and recipes are top searches.

Here are a few unique search engine queries:

thai basil plants fort walton beach
study of mandalas
blog on saving money on hunting clothes and equipment
pregnancy cheese
tvp dry lbs per cup
1lb of tvp is equal to how many cups
tvp conversion for 1lb of ground meat
roasted whole 6 lb chicken cooking time 400 degrees
can you roast a chicken upside down halfway through cooking
do melissa and doug toys sell at consignment sales
$12 banana box pallet
squeeze a booger out of lincoln noise
picture of rubbing pennies
napping breastfeeding

I don’t know how some of those people came to 2Pennies via those searches, but I hope I helped the rest!  I was tickled to see the TVP queries, as I had worked hard on the TVP conversions.

To celebrate 2Pennies2Rub’s anniversary, I am hosting a giveaway next month.  In honor of my most read post, I will be giving away a (wait for it…) – Suds Pump from Pampered Chef!  It’s a foaming hand soap dispenser with markings built in for the soap and water measurements. 

Clean on my friends and stay tuned for the giveaway in April!

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2 Responses to SAHM one year anniversary

  1. Jessica Assaf says:

    I sooo thought of you last night while I was watching HGTV!!!!! There was a commercial on for a new series on TLC starting in April…are you ready??? Its called Extreme Couponers!!! These ladies were saying they go into the grocery store and buy over $600 in groceries and spend only……drumroll please……$6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so when it came on the next time, I turned up the volume to make sure that’s what I heard…and it was true!
    I am going to make sure I tune in for this show…I can hardly wait!!!

    • Salee says:

      Oh man, wish I had cable TV sometimes! I wonder if they will Hulu it? Definitely tune in to see what the hype is about. We need to figure out how to crack the secret!

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