Feeding Baby First Solids

We started Evelyn on solids recently after she came through her 4 month checkup with flying colors.  The first session went pretty smoothly.  We offered her rice cereal thinned out with breast milk (you can also use formula).  I think she only ate a teaspoon worth the first time.  She swallowed a couple times, but mostly spit it out.  When she started getting cranky we stopped.  No need to rush things.  She still gets all her nutrients from milk at this point.

The Bumbo works great as a feeding chair.  It provides great support for her little body and she can hold her head quite well. 

Yum, yum,  yum, yum… fingers… This little one loves to chew on her fingers rather than a pacifier.  With every spoonful in went her little fingers to help mush things around.

Once she grabbed the spoon, dinner was over!  This little girl is quick! You have to always be on your toes around her.  We feed her a tablespoon every few days.  We can actually hear her swallowing cereal now, so we might increase the feedings.

There is a ton of literature out there about when to feed you baby solids.  For both of my babies I waited until they checked out okay with the pediatrician at their 4 month checkups.  The babies also showed an interest in what we were eating.  Evelyn follows every piece of food from my plate to my mouth with her eyes and smacks her lips all the way!  The kids also went through a growth spurt where all they wanted was food, food, food.  Offering a little rice cereal helped to fill them up.

We do NOT put cereal in their bottles, nor do we put them on a schedule to eat.  We will follow Evelyn’s lead until she builds up to eating it as a meal around 5-6 months.  We also will not introduce any other solid until 6 months.  There are so many food allergies floating around and one of the causes is introducing a type of food before their bodies can handle them.  What’s the rush anyways?  Trust me, soon enough they will be feeding themselves with real forks and spoons and you will miss these sweet, sloppy, and messy times.

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