Apple Thief Caught Red Handed

Apples beware!  If you come to my house, you risk being gnawed at and hidden underneath a coffee table, chair, or pillow to wither away to nothing…

For the past few weeks, we’ve come across a variety of mutilated apple corpses hidden all around the house.  Some have their skin nibbled off.  Some have only the butt left – no seeds, no stem.  The rest of them have been generally nibbled and gnawed and left for me to find behind some chair or under a pillow.  The only culprit, based upon the tiny teeth marks, is my son and I couldn’t figure out how he was getting the apples from the fruit basket.

While feeding Evelyn one day, I happened to catch Oliver in the act!  He was oblivious to us and climbed on top of a Rubbermaid container to get to his treasure. 

What’s even funnier is that I have also found an orange with 4 little teeth marks scraped across the skin that he tried to eat and put it back in the basket. 

The best is the rotten banana that I threw away.  The banana had rotted from the middle outward.  Upon closer examination, he had bit clear through the skin with his upper teeth in the middle of the banana.  Not able to get the banana out, he put it back in the basket where it rotted from the bruising.

Our son is sneaky, sneaky! and too darned cute.  :-)

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