Tending to my sweet peas

My sweet peas are doing great!  Both the sugar snap and the Evelyn varieties.  I had to leave this sweet pea inside due to the 40mph wind gusts outside while I tended to my spring garden.

The peas have bloomed prolifically and are ready to be thinned out.  If you don’t thin them, they will start to choke each other off and die.  The roots will compete for nutrients and the tendrils will literally grab the plants on either side and choke the stalks.

The arugula and lettuce look great, but will need to be thinned next weekend.

Here’s what a 4 week old pea plant looks like.  You can see a good root is starting to form at the base.  I pulled this one out of curiosity, but the rest I used a pair of scissors to snip the plant at ground level.  When the plants are very close together you risk disturbing the soil by pulling the plants out of the ground.  You can also pinch the plants with your fingers at ground level.

Looks much better doesn’t it?  I may have to come back and thin out a few more plants in a week or so.

While I was weeding the garden, I noticed these sprouts poking out from under the wood beam I was kneeling on.

It looks like there were seeds left in the lettuce packet that I had tucked under the beam to use as a marker!  Experimentally, I broke this bunch up into small chunks and planted them in the ground.  I wonder if they will continue to grow?  With all the rain we’ve had, I haven’t needed to use the soaker hose once this past week.  So far so good!

Did you start a garden yet?  How is it doing with the strange weather we’ve been having?

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