Spring Festival 2011

Spring is officially here!  An organization we belong to threw a Spring Festival at a local park.  There were face painters, free food, a bouncy house, and games galore. 

Oliver spent the afternoon chasing down the Easter bunny.  Wherever the rabbit went, Oliver wasn’t far behind.  In this pic, Oliver was inspecting a decoy when the real rabbit popped up.  He hightailed it outta there!

Evelyn loved chomping on the rabbit.  She even got a purple one of her own.

Oliver played a few games, including this Duck Swim.  Some ducks had the word, “Winner” written on the bottom of them.  If you picked those ducks, you got a prize.  Oliver, very systematically, picked all the ducks and they loaded him up with swag for being so cute.

Oooo, that wascally wabbit!  This was as close as Oliver got to the bunny.  I’m sure he’s going to have some crazy dreams tonight of a white rabbit.

Evelyn was a big hit.  With her bling and her shades, she looks like a superstar!

We had a great time out and about today.  We got some fresh air, some sunshine, and some exercise.  Best of all, we did it together and it cost us nothing.  It’s amazing what public resources are out there for everyone.  Google has become our best friend.  :-)

What have you done to celebrate spring this year?

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