Love the Flexible Flyer Swing Set

Last week, Kmart had super sales on old fashioned Flexible Flyer metal swing sets.   This simple set was $120, reduced by $50.  He loves, loves, loves to play outside and he has totally outgrown his simple plastic slide.  He could play outside for hours on end if we let him.

He is a still very shaky on the regular swings, so we attached the Little Tykes swing chair to the swingset.  We bought the toddler swing at a consignment sale last year for $3 and never found a place to hang it up. 

The first thing he did was climb up the ladder and slide down the slide.  After the first ride, he squealed and then ran right back to the ladder and did it again! 

I’d say the swing set was worth every penny.  Now I’ve got to figure out how he can use it into the summer after the mosquitos swarm in.

Do you have a swing set for your kids?  Is it metal or one of those new fangled wood fortress types?

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