Marbles: Best 100 Bucks Ever Spent

We took advantage of the hubby being home all week to take the kids to Marbles one rainy afternoon.  I have to admit that buying a family membership was one of the best investments we made last year.  Normally, it would cost $5 for each of us (Evelyn excluded).  The family membership costs $100/yr.  We’ve well exceeded $100 of use out of it and have probably saved over $300 in admission costs.  If we only went once a month on First Friday, when the museum is open late, we’d save $80 ($180 vs. $100).

Evelyn is even getting some benefit out of it.  The baby area is covered in mats and she loves digging her little toes in to flip over.

She can almost go from her belly to her back too.  Pretty soon its crawling, then walking and no more baby!  Hmmm… maybe I’m getting rid of the baby gear too soon.

The boys came to get us when the museum closed.  Oliver loves playing with his daddy doing “big boy” things.  The baby area is too small for Oliver now.  Both the kids are growing so fast.  (sniff)

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