Spinning Easter Eggs

We colored Easter eggs for the first time as a family!  A friend gave us a new-fangled egg spinner kit.  It looked like a small salad spinner that you drip food dye into.  It was advertised as “EASY” and “NO MESS”.

Oliver LOVED the egg spinner.  It reminded him of his old push and spin popcorn toys.  He was so excited!

Oliver’s first ever Easter egg – not too shabby! 

As for the “NO MESS” and “EASY” – uh, no.  We only did 5 eggs and it took quite awhile.  You had to clean the machine after each color and at the very least between each egg.  They dye dripped everywhere and our fingers are all stained a nice red/purple/blue.  Was it fun though?  Heck, yeah!  I felt like a kid again mixing up colors and sprinkling glitter all over.  And like I said, Oliver LOVED it!  :-)

Evelyn didn’t get to color any eggs, but she sure liked playing with them.  She concentrated very hard trying to pick them up and mouth them.

It was all good until we noticed that the dye and glitter were coming off – even after they were “dry”.  Maybe next year little girl!

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