Bounce, Bounce, Bounce

Tryouts for the Easter bunny in 10 minutes…

There was a birthday party at our neighbor’s house this afternoon.  They rented one of those inflatable bouncers for the kiddos and Oliver got to play. 

This thing was huge!  At first Oliver was afraid of it, but once he tried it out we couldn’t keep him out of it.  The sun was a bit much for Evelyn, so I took her home to cool off.

Oliver bounced through the cake cutting, Easter egg hunting, and presents unwrapping.  He could have bounced all night.  In fact, they had to kick him out to deflate it!  Hmmm… I wonder if Santa could fit one of these things in the back of his sleigh.

The hubby even joined in the fun.  What a great way to “bounce” into spring!  After 3 hours of playing, Oliver should sleep like a rock tonight.  :-)

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