Milk Jug Plant Markers

My seedlings are taking off and I’m ready to label the individual pots now that I have some plants growing.  I’ve tried all sorts of ways to mark plants in the past from popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, wood flags, store-bought plastic markers, etc…  Anything made from wood pretty much got destroyed by the end of the growing season and buying markers just didn’t make sense.

The solution came in the form of a solid white milk jug.  I cut the jug into strips big enough to sink into each pot and wide enough to write on with a permanent marker.

The permanent marker worked wonderfully and didn’t bleed.  The plastic markers will be nigh indestructible even after moving the plants outdoors.  This project was so easy that even Evelyn wanted to give it a try.

Evelyn wasn’t able to write anything, but she did give the plant markers her drool proof seal of approval! 

Do you have creative and frugal tips for crafts you do for your garden?

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