Playing Together and Learning to Share

Some of my best times are spent with my kids just watching them play.  Evelyn is mobile enough to get around and is in full baby discovery mode.  She has no concept of good or bad, yours or mine, and sharing or taking turns.  On the other hand, Oliver has reached the age where he IS aware of those differences. 

This is a classic photo!  Oliver spent so much time carefully building up his towers on the pegs.  Evelyn scooted over and much to Oliver’s chagrin, began pulling off his blocks.

My little man took it like a champ though.  After a few tears, he was back into the game.  He never hit his sister or yanked the piece away.

Oliver went back to playing and Evelyn found a new toy to chew on.  She was just happy to be near her big brother and Oliver even share some pieces with her in the end.  This was an hour well spent.  Fun and Free!

Do your kids get along with each other?  Any tips on teaching them to share with other children?

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