Sell This House: Fix the Deck

The clock is ticking!  These past two weekends we have been working on our deck.  Look at all that rot!  This kind of damage did not happen overnight.  It’s been years in the making, about 10 years to be exact.  The hubby took out the rotted deck boards and replaced them with brand new ones.  The wood siding will be ripped out and replaced by el cheapo wood of some sort and covered over with vinyl siding.

Six years ago, I scrubbed down the deck, rails, and post and painted them.  Even though green is my hubby’s favorite color, he didn’t find it charming growing on his deck! 

We borrowed a power washer from a friend and blasted the heck out of our deck.  We removed all the mold/mildew and loose paint.  After everything dried, the hubby busted out his orbital sander with 60 grit paper to smooth out the wood and remove even more paint.  We then wood puttied any holes or small cracks and sanded that down after it dried.  Today, I finally got some white exterior primer on the posts and rails.  I did 2 coats before it was too hot to paint.  When the paint gums up on the surface almost immediately, it’s too hot!

Here’s the same deck after power washing, sanding, and 2 coats of paint!  What a difference.  I have at least one more coat to go.  We have contractors coming on Tuesday to install vinyl siding and I want to wait to do a final coat until after all the work is done.

Yep, I said we have contractors coming on Tuesday!  It’s taken us 2 months to get 4 quotes, decide on one, order materials, and schedule a contractor.  Lowe’s ended up being the most reasonable by $1,000.  Company #3 and #4 were between 6 and 7 thousand more.  It pays to look around that is for sure. 

I’m going to Lowe’s tomorrow to pick out a porch paint and will paint a 12 inch border on our deck and porch wherever it butts up to the siding.  I want that nice and dry so the edge will look nice when they install the vinyl.  After they leave, I’ll paint the rest of the porch and deck.

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