Vinyl Siding Update

On the second day, they finished siding the front of the house and installed soffits.  We even have a nice little decorative vent to give the house that little bit of sumthing-sumthing.

They got a good start on the rear right corner and the wall where the kid’s rooms are.  Poor kiddos got zero naps that day.  We are lucky to have my hubby’s parents in town this week to help out with the contractors and the kids. 

On the third day, they started working on the porch and the back side of the house.

I painted a 6 – 12 inch border around the deck where the walls touched.  This will give us a nice clean joint and I won’t need to edge the paint in when I finish the deck next week.

By the end of day 3, they had finished the front porch and had installed a brand new porch light that we got from Costco for only $21.  They also installed the metal trim around the roof edge to cap everything off.  I can’t believe how much of a difference the white trim makes on the house.

By day 4, they had already started on the back deck.  See how crisp the deck looks where I painted the border in advance?

The installers spend a good amount of time tearing off decorative trim pieces.  If they do not, the vinyl siding will not lay flat.  Without the trim I can finally see what all those mud daubers were doing every year. 

They totally finished the children’s wall down to the soffits and metal casing.  They just about finished the rear right corner and got a good head start up the rear of the house.  They cut their work short due to a fierce thunderstorm that swept through the area.  They expect to be finished by Wednesday of next week after taking Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off. 

We will be crossing our fingers that they can finish by then.  I want to paint both the porch and deck before next weekend.  We are having a big party and it would be nice to show off the house.  Also, our realtor is coming next week to have the big “talk” about what we can sell the house for.  I’m hoping (PRAYING) that we can get a decent price after doing all this work.  Our house is looking pretty sharp compared to the competition in the neighborhood.

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