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First Friday: Family Night Out

Friday, May 6th, 2011

It’s already the first Friday of the month!  I can’t believe how fast April flew by.  Every first Friday, the family heads downtown to Marbles.  They are open late for the First Friday celebrations that take place downtown each month. 

We went a little earlier due to the hubby being home early.  What a big difference it made!  We beat the bigger kids and Oliver got to play with new things all by himself.  Oliver built a big wall out of building blocks and got a kick out of knocking them down.  Look how he holds his chin just like his daddy does when he concentrates.  He’s almost daddy’s mini-me.

Look at that grin!  Evelyn was having THE best time ever at Marbles.  She loves the baby play area with the big mirrors and squishy mats.  I’ve been taking her here since she was born and it’s amazing to see how far she has come.  Tonight she rolled non-stop all over the mat.  She covered every square inch between rolling and scooting.  She would make her way to one mirror and pat the baby in the mirror, then roll to the other mirror to pat the other baby.  She cooed, drooled, and charmed her way into everyone’s heart tonight!

I am so glad we have made this a family ritual.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to that we can share together.  Do you have rituals for your family?

Upside Down World

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Upside Down World courtesy of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street

There’s so many strange things to see! (laugh)
There’s upside-down people who walk down the street
With upside-down shoes on their upside-down feet
In an upside-down world

There’s upside-down clocks that make everyone late!
Upside-down food that won’t stay on your plate
In an upside-down world (laugh)
In an upside-down world!

There’s upside down everything all over town
It all looks so funny that I’ve got to frown
‘Cause a frown is a smile when it’s turned upside-down
In an upside-down, upside-down world.

When you find yourself upside down, you just get right back up and keep on going.  That’s what Oliver has been teaching us these past few weeks. 

This is my first blog post since our world was turned upside down a few weeks ago.  The hubby was offered a job on a Monday, he turned in his notice on a Tuesday, and on a Friday he was done.  Just like that, 4 years – poof – were all over.  We then spent a week writing our “honey do” list for selling the house and interviewing contractors to come out and do some serious outside work.  The next week, the hubby went out of town for training for his new job.  I was left with the kiddos for an entire week – and we survived!  lol…  I was also interviewing daycares, schools, and programs for Oliver and packing up our stuff each night for moving.  I was a bit burnt out by the time the weekend came.

This week, the hubby has officially started his new job and my son has started school.  Our schedules have turned completely upside down and we are scrambling to figure things out.  For the first time in 4 years, the hubby is home before 5pm each night and we are eating dinner around 6pm.  We used to eat at 730pm or 8pm and Oliver would go to bed at 830pm or 9 o’clock.  Now the little dude has to be at school by 730AM, a full hour before he normally wakes up!  Poor Evelyn is doing the best she can, sleeping and eating when she can until we figure things out.

It always amazes me how deeply set we are in our routines.  In just a few short weeks, our world has turned upside down and I am happy for the change.  Yes, it’s scary, it’s stressful, and confusing.  On the other hand, there is excitement in the air.  We are looking at our lives through a new pair of glasses.  Where are we going?  What are our goals? How are we going to get there?  Do we really need 7 pairs of scissors?  Why are we storing unopened and 3 years expired glucosamine tablets?  Just how many places are we going to stash pens, pencils, and markers that are so dried out the tips are hard as rocks?

When our world rights itself again, which it will – it always does, I hope all our excess baggage will have fallen out.  It’s a fresh start for everyone!

Have you been through a major change recently?  How did you handle it?

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