Vinyl Siding Update: Day 8

It’s been over a week since the contractors have been working on our house.  They had the 3 day weekend off and they are pretty sure they will be finished tomorrow.  I sure hope so.  All the pounding and the mess is getting to me.  I have a ton of things to do and I can’t get to them with all that’s going on.

The big project today was the chimney.  The wood has been rotting for some time and we’ve been battling one ant infestation after another.  When they started pulling off the rotted wood, we saw that the ants had burrowed into the insulation.  They were living in the blue stuff and eating away at all the wet wood.

The dude was surprised at how much wood had to come off.  We told him the entire chimney had to be rebuilt!  Luckily, the framing underneath was 100% solid.  Before he put up the OSB, he took our bug sprayer up there and doused remaining ants. 

The other guy kept on keeping on with the soffits and trim.  He said that our house was as much work as 2 houses due to the design.  Most houses have 4 sides and 2 roof peaks.  Ours has 12 sides and 4 roof peaks.  Not to mention, we have a covered porch and a covered deck that they have to work with as well.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to come!  They will be hanging the shutters that I painted, the house numbers, and the doorbell.  They’ll also wrap all the trim around the doors with metal and finish up the chimney and soffits.  It will be done in time for our big party this weekend.  YAY!

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