Vinyl Siding Project Finished – Overview

After 10 days, the contractors finally finished the vinyl siding on our house.  It cost around 7 grand and took 4 weeks from the time that Lowes gave us an estimate, to ordering and delivering materials, and installing the siding.  Here are some before and after shots.

After several years of drought and massive water restrictions, we created an extensive rainwater collection system.  Our plants loved it, but so did the mosquitos!

After the siding, the house fits into our woodsy lot much better.

The infamous chimney after the woodpecker damage, but before the ant invasion.

Looks totally different!  I am so happy to get rid of the green trim.

The vertical siding always made the front of the house look too large for it’s size.  The green also seemed drab to me.

The horizontal vinyl really brings the house back down to scale.  The white trim makes the house pop!  We added a decorative vent to the front and the back of the house for a little something something and painted the shutters and door a reddish brown.

So what do you think? I like it!

Here are a few things I learned from the experience:

1) Everybody has a job to do and nobody knows what the other person is doing.  The people at Lowes, the installation company and the actual installers themselves all had a different story as to what was going on.  Lowes handled the money and materials.  The install company gave Lowes the material order after a walk through and gave the installers the general plan.  The installers just did their job.  In other words, don’t ask them any questions about the materials or money.  If the installers are doing something that isn’t in the contract, call Lowes right away and don’t argue with the installers.

2) The onsite installers are the only people who know when they will be finished. Lowes said they would start on a Tuesday and be done by Friday (4 days).  The install boss said they would be done the following Tuesday or Wednesday.  The installers laughed and said they would push to be done by the following Thursday (10 days).  The guys onsite know exactly what is going on with your house, what needs to be done, and how long it will take them.

3) The installers will remove anything attached to your house (ie. light fixtures, door bells, house numbers, shutters) and will help you put them back on if you ask.  Some things they have to do per contract (ie. remove and reinstall the light fixture and doorbell), but others they will do if you ask nicely.  When I told them on the first day that I was going to paint the shutters, doorbell, and numbers, they removed those first so I could get to it.  They also installed a brand new porch light straight out of the box for us.  At the end, they reinstalled everything no problem and even suggested a new location for the house numbers on the porch post.

4) Work with your installers to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.  Talk to your installers on the first day to find out what they will do and when.  Share any ideas, wants, and desires with them.  They will do their best to work with you.  For example, I told them that I was going to paint the front porch and back deck floors.  They suggested that I paint a 12 inch border on the floor wherever the vinyl would touch it well in advance of them working on it.  After I painted and they installed the starter strip, we had a nice clean edge where the vinyl rested on the floor.  Other things they did for us:  They worked on the opposite side of the house when my kids had their afternoon naps.  They took our bug sprayer to the top of the chimney and killed an ant colony before putting up the vinyl siding.  They moved all the materials out of the yard where Lowes had dropped it and over to the driveway so our grass wouldn’t die.

5) Show your appreciation for a job well done.  I wouldn’t have thought to do this if my mother inlaw hadn’t suggested it, but I gave each guy a $40 tip when the job was done.  These guys worked diligently through 90+ degree weather on a 12 sided house with a 4 gabled roof, and two covered porch/deck.  They never complained, were always friendly, and did alot of little extras for us like working with the naps, killing the bugs, and hanging my stuff back up.  I put each tip in a little thank you card and wrote a little note expressing my appreciation.  They seemed to be very grateful and were a bit happier when they left.

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2 Responses to Vinyl Siding Project Finished – Overview

  1. Nana says:

    Looks beautiful. What’s the next project? Looks almost too nice to sell. Someone’s going to get a nice house!

    • Salee says:

      We are working on the bathrooms right now. We expect to have both bathrooms finished over the weekend. I hope someone does appreciate the house and will buy it from us straight away!

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