Happy 2nd Birthday Oliver

My baby is turning 2 this upcoming week.  It feels like yesterday that I wrote about his first birthday.  Since then, he has grown before my eyes and yours too. 

In honor of his love of trains, we threw a Thomas the Train themed party.  Luckily, Thomas is a party favorite for little tots everywhere and Target had a Thomas line of birthday items. 

To save money, we only bought a few Thomas items and supplemented with generic party supplies.   The tablecloth and cake plates screamed Thomas the train.  I brought out some generic red paper plates that I bought at a massive discount after Valentine’s day and plain old napkins and plasticware.  We used up the rest of the helium tank from his first birthday and blew up a few fancy mylar balloons that we had saved from last year.  Did you know you can reuse them year after year? 

For food, we bought a sandwhich platter and then cut up our own fruits and veggies.  Add some chips and dip and you have a party!  I did buy a Thomas cake from Food Lion, but got a discount for ordering it on a Thursday.

The kiddos got little goody bags full of organic snack size packages and an awesome echo microphone that I picked up at Toys-R-Us.  Everything was going great until we brought the cake out. 

Just as we finished singing Happy Birthday, Oliver decided to grab the train off the cake.  At the very last second, his hand swerved and he grabbed the candle wick instead.  Ouch!!! 

After a few minutes, Oliver was a-ok and finally got his train off the cake.

Meanwhile, Evelyn couldn’t wait to get her grubby paws on the cake herself.  One good swipe and she discovered the joys of whipped icing!

Evelyn was right there to gobble up all the wrappings after Oliver opened the gifts.

We had a great time with family and friends and Oliver handled the crowd well.  Evelyn was thrilled to be surrounded by such fancy paper (her favorite snack is paper) and couldn’t wait to eat more cake. 

When everyone went home for the night, he laid down on the floor and put his head in my lap.  A baby no more, but just as precious to his mommy.

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