Shout Out to Cici’s Pizza

With everything going on right now, sometimes it is easier to run out and grab something to eat than cook up a meal at home.  With the four of us, its a little harder to find someplace affordable and tolerable for the kids.  Oliver and Evelyn don’t have the patience for a sit down restaurant and we don’t want them to become McDonald’s junkies.  Where do we go?

Cici’s Pizza!  We love Cici’s.  It’s an all you can eat pizza buffet with a salad and dessert bar.  It’s also amazingly affordable.  Two adults can eat and drink for less than $15.  Kids are free until 4 years old.  The buffet ranges from place to place, but it’s normally $5 or $6 dollars and the drinks are a little over $1 (water is free).

Oliver can down 3 or 4 slices of pizza (they are small) and a plate full of tomatoes and cucumbers from the salad bar.  The hubby likes to build a crust mountain and I get my fill of the sticky sweet cinnamon buns.

Evelyn’s too little to enjoy it yet, but she likes the atmosphere. :-)  In other words, her car seat fits perfectly in the booth so she can see mommy and daddy at all times.  We can get in and out in under 30 minutes, which is the perfect time for the kiddos before they start going nutso.

If you love pizza and haven’t been to a Cici’s yet, check out their website to find one near you.  When you get there, you can ask for your favorite pizza to be added to the buffet or you can have it brought to your table for no additional cost.  My fave is the BBQ pizza.  When I was pregnant with Oliver, the manager would pop one in the oven when he saw me waddle in and bring it to my table.  They aim to please and we are pleased every time!

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