And the Painting Begins

To get some practice under our belts and test our techniques we started painting in the main bathroom first.  I had a lovely blue/grey faux finish on the walls, but the realtor said they had to go.  I think the color is a little dark for the room, but compared to the blue I guess it’s nuetral enough.

I started off with the ceiling and painted it a bright white.  Look at the color difference!!!  By the way, the original color used to be white back in its day.  We didn’t really notice how dingy the ceiling was until we painted.  It just felt sort of dreary and blah in there.  Now it pOps.

For the walls we used a shorter nap roller.  Look on the roller packaging and it will tell you what roller is good for what surface. 

I did not cut in the edges of either the ceiling or walls yet.  Since I did this painting during the kid’s naps, it was hard to take the time for “finish” work.  I’ll have to come back to it later.  We will also be painting the doors and replacing the hinges/knobs.  The hubby has to finish installing the wainscotting and trim and more paint it is!

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