Yard Sale Anyone?

Okay everybody – CRINGE and release… 

We have been busting our butts this past week getting ready for our mondo yard sale tomorrow.  A part of selling our house is purging our stuff.  We are finally getting rid of the excess from our single days, such as my dinner plates, his glasses, my keyboards, his mice, etc…  We want to start our life in our new home as a family with things that represent us.

Luckily for me, the hubby likes Asian things.  I get to keep my collection of tchockes (yay!) and he gets to keep his video games and systems.  Other than that, it’s time to grow up…  Another lucky thing is that Evelyn is old enough to ditch most of her “baby” items.  I am so glad that we had them 17 months apart vs. years apart.  We don’t have to haul baby gear to our next place.

As if I didn’t have enough to do, I organized a community yard sale with my neighbors.  My thinking is that the more sellers I can advertise, the more buyers we can bring in.  It also helps to have all my neighbors involved so they’ll move their cars out of the way and not complain about the craziness.  I normally pull in 50-70 people all by myself.  I can only imagine it will be nutso with 4 families and advertising.

Most of our stuff has been priced.  The tables have already been setup outside.  The boxes are sorted and categorized.  Now its time to go to sleep!  The alarm is set for 6am – wish us luck!

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