Baby Recovered, Mommy Sick

Evelyn’s fever dropped down to 101.5 on Friday and broke during the night.  By Saturday, she was 100% fever free.  Still no other symptoms.  Pretty strange.  She has been tugging on her ear a bit, so maybe she has a mouthful of chompers coming in (doc ruled out ear infection).

I took these pics during lunch today.  She’s a regular laugh riot!  The hubby was outside most of today working.  He rebuilt the steps to the deck and raked/mowed the entire yard.  We are getting rid of our random debris bit by bit.  All that’s left now are rain barrels, 60 cinder blocks and tomato cages.  Anyone want 60 cinder blocks?

Tonight we painted the hall and front porch ceilings.  I also did the baseboard.  That was quite a feat considering that I am sick.  Yesterday was a wash for us with a birthday party and me crashing in bed all day.  Today, my head cold symptoms are gone but I feel drained, achy, and weak.  I also have a fever…

Just wanted to share with you some cute photos to start your week off right.  I have a ton of posts backed up about home renovation.  When I’m not renovating, cleaning, chasing babies, or being sick I’ll start posting them!

Have a great Monday everyone.

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3 Responses to Baby Recovered, Mommy Sick

  1. Charles Lawton says:

    Pictures of the house projects!

  2. Jessica Assaf says:

    I hope you are all feeling better!!! I hate that you have been sick…PLEASE call me if you need anything!!!!!!!!
    Take care!! 😉

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