Beat the heat and get things done

How do you let your two year old get some exercise when it’s sweltering outside?  Give him a water hose!  I dressed him in his thinnest jammies, so the bugs wouldn’t eat him, and let him get drenched with the hose.  He LoVeD it!

Come rain or shine, we still have to press on with the work.  In between torrential rain showers, I sprayed my dining room chandelier with a coat of primer.  I’m experimenting with a paint technique to rejuvinate our dated brass fixture (blog post coming).

The hubby kept working on the bricks.  We’ve finished this side of the house and the curve going to the porch looks really good (blog post coming).

We are SO close to finishing this side of the house.  We have about 3 square feet of the patio by the gate to finish.  Though we love the rain, it was frustrating trying to work between the storms all day long.  We had hoped to brush sand/cement/mortar in between the bricks to set them, but it was entirely too wet to try.

Instead of fighting it, the hubby decided to go with the storms and wash the cars!  Hey, free rain water – why not?

Inside, I kept the kids hydrated to stay cool while we gave the A/C a break during the storms.  Evelyn drinks out of a big girl cup and it is too cute to hear her little teeth clinking on the glass.

She’s got 4 big chompers now and I can see a few more coming in.  She’s just shy of 9 months and I can’t believe how fast she is growing.

I tried to give Oliver a haircut to help him stay cool, but he was having none of that!  I think he’s still traumatized from the last hair cut I gave him.  Not sure what we’ll do this time around…

We are almost 100% finished with the kids’ rooms.  We hung all the curtains and valances today, changed out the last of the plugs for new ones, brought down the closet doors from the attic, and brought in some toys from the living room.  I have some cool ideas for making wall art to hang in each room that I will be working on this week.

I refused to touch the kitchen until we started wrapping up the other rooms.  We’ll start on the kitchen tomorrow and hopefully knock it out over the week.  We have a busy week with Oliver starting a new school, the realtor coming by to fill out paperwork, a couple doctor’s appointments, a playdate for Evelyn, and a trip to Marbles for a family night out.  Busy much?  :-)

Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

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2 Responses to Beat the heat and get things done

  1. Rebecca says:

    It’s unbelievable how much Lil’ O and Lil’ E look alike! We’re still waiting for teeth to arrive at our house. I don’t think it’s too far off. Wyatt wakes up a bazillion times a night as it is…

    Those bricks look awesome!

    • Salee says:

      Thanks. We have a love-hate relationship with the bricks right now. They have literally sucked up 6 weekends in the past 9 weeks and we still aren’t finished! arrgh… The hubby went out tonight to get the LAST bit needed to finish up tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain)…

      The kids do look alike and they are so cute together. Oliver has a bit more of Barry in him and Evie has a bit more of me. I hear you with the teething. Oliver is starting to get some molars in and Evie is cutting 2 more teeth up front. We have a full stock of baby and children’s ibuprofen in our house…

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