Clearing Away the Bricks

Now that the brick path project is winding down, we can finally start getting rid of some rubble.  I am so happy to get our driveway back after 3 years!

Oliver loves helping out, especially when it comes to his daddy.  We let Oliver help out with chores when he can.  It’s a great way to get some free exercise and he just loves feeling useful.  I know that it may take longer to teach him to do something.  He also moves slower and is sometimes in the way, but it is so worth it to watch him concentrate so hard on his task and light up like the sun when he gets it right.

The hubby said that for the first time ever, he didn’t recognize Oliver today.  He says that Oliver is all grown up and not a baby anymore.

Oliver got a good workout!  He steadily loaded the van with broken bricks in 98+ degree heat.  I’m glad the hubby finally has an enthusiastic helper for his projects.  :-)

Do your kids like to help you around the house?

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