Winds of Change

The cat is out of the bag — we are moving to Atlanta folks.

In what has been a flurry of activity, the hubby applied and interviewed for a job in Atlanta last week.  They told him this week that he got the job and he starts next Wednesday.

So much for taking it easy and waiting for the house to sell!  We’ve spent the last 7 nights going through scenario after scenario.  What do we do about the house?  What about Oliver’s school?  How can we afford two households?  How will mommy survive by herself without selling the kids at the flea market?  How will the hubby get there?  Should we move too?  Where’s he going to stay? 

The minute we found out he got the job, we sketched out a quick plan. 

Step 1: Buy the hubby a reliable car.  Check (gotta love the crown vic). 
Step 2: Get rid of the Maxima.  Check (we sold it for scrap). 
Step 3: Get the hubby some housing. Check (found a room to rent on Craigslist).
Step 4: Update business wardrobe.  Check (Joseph A. Banks has a sale going on right now).
Step 5: Pack and make shopping list of necessities.  We are doing this tomorrow.

5 Steps in 5 Days.  Not too shabby.  The bigger picture is that he will go down and share a house for a month or two while he aquaints himself with the city.  Meanwhile, I will do my research up here and send him apartment/house hunting after hours.  He will come home on the weekends until we move down there – probably in November.  We are dropping the price on our house in October and hopefully we’ll find a buyer soon.

The hubby spent last Friday tooling around Atlanta and he really likes it.  He said it was like Baltimore on steroids.  Atlanta is much, much bigger than Raleigh, so we’ll have to see.  I will like having new things to do.  I’ve visisted Atlanta a dozen times and haven’t seen it all yet. 

There are a million details that I have left out (our walls are plastered with decision charts), but we’ll work it out as we go.  I am the queen of “If this then that” thinking.  No sweat.  (YIKES!)

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3 Responses to Winds of Change

  1. Jodie says:

    Wow!!! Big news!! Congrats!!

    • Salee says:

      Yeah, it was a pretty quick decision. He moved down there today and it’s just me and the kiddos. I hope the house sells so we can go down too!

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