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Atlanta or Bust

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Goodnight and goodbye Raleigh, NC.   A little over a week ago (11/12/11), the kids and I pulled out of Raleigh and started down the road to Atlanta.  Eleven and one half hours later, we pulled into our new driveway.  Who knew Atlanta was so far away?

The hubby had flown in Thursday after work and we spent all day Friday packing the truck.  I was going to follow him down with the kids in the van around midnight, but instead I spent a good hour sifting through debris on the road after we lost all the boxes off the back of the truck due to an improperly latched door.  He had made it a good 5 or 6 miles down the interstate before a trucker alerted him.  I had gone to get the kids before he called to have me back track his route and look for our stuff.  Thankfully, most of the stuff dumped in one spot in our neighborhood and not on the main drag or interstate.  We were very lucky.  By the time we finished packing up and cleaning at 230am, the hubby had to go it alone as I had one too many “STELLA!!!” moments in the last 24 hours to continue.

The next day, or 10 hours later, our little van was packed to the gills.  Rather than wait until bedtime to take off, I ventured out at noon and prayed that the stress and lack of sleep from the 48 hours prior would knock their little butts out.  Well, that didn’t work.  We made it to Charlotte, NC in about 3 hours and I drove straight to the first hotel I saw and checked in.  Between my sleep deprivation and Evelyn’s constant high pitched crying someone was going to get seriously hurt.  Even though I didn’t get to sleep, the $40 we paid for 4 hours was well worth it.  Having a clean place to change diapers and feed them was worth the price alone.  I covered the floor with one of the bed comforters and had a bunch of catnaps while the kids played. 

When it was pitch black outside (8pm), we rolled out and the kids blessedly passed out within 5 minutes.

I woke them up for some exercise when we crossed into Georgia a little after 10pm.  Another hour and a half and we were pulling up to our new house.  In some ways it worked out better that the kids and I came later.  The kids weren’t underfoot when the truck was being unloaded and the house was being setup.

Since being here, I’ve been homesick quite a lot.  It didn’t really hit me until this last weekend when I told Barry that we should have the gang over for dinner now that the kitchen was put together.  I still feel like I can pop over to my friend’s house or head down to Marbles or that someday, Oliver will go back to school and Evelyn and I can get groceries together.  It will take time to adjust, but at least we made it here safe and sound.

Speaking of making it here, without my friends, family, and a few paid helping hands this wouldn’t have been possible.  Thanks to Tracey for making us food to eat that last week of packing.  Thanks to Ron for killing spiders and cleaning out my shed (I know we have a lot of paint, okay?).  Thanks to Tabatha for watching the kiddos all those nights so I could run errands and see my friends.  Thanks to Melanie for helping with the packing, watching Evie, and bringing yummy pizza.  Thanks to Tania for putting us in a hotel, watching the kids, and helping us pack.  I bet Tania also plays a mean game of Jenga after watching her pack the van with an additional 3 boxes and 7 plants that I couldn’t fit!  A big thanks to my brother who helped us cut the cord and push us out of our house at 11pm on Friday night.  It was rough getting rid of things we couldn’t fit and cleaning the house when it was empty.  Our backs thank the 4 movers who helped Barry load and unload the truck .  Lastly, we thank Nana and Grandpa Norton for helping us get the house setup in Atlanta and for helping with the kids while we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off.

By the way, our house closed without a hitch last week.  Let the new adventures begin!

Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

It has come to my attention that I never updated you with our house news.  Well, we sold it!

The house was on the market for 4 weeks at $128,900.  The hubby got a job in Atlanta and moved down there.  We dropped the price 4 grand to $124,900 and had an offer within 2 weeks.  Not just one, but two offers within 24 hours of each other.

The buyers wanted to close in one month’s time and we have been BUSY trying to get out of the house.  Between inspections, repairs, and packing, we’ve been busy trying to find a house in Atlanta after a fruitless weekend of apartment hunting. 

Last week I was up to my eyeballs in contractors and this week I’m up to my eyeballs in moving boxes.  The hubby has Veteran’s Day off, so we are using that day to move out of Raleigh.  The walk through is on Sunday and the closing is on Monday.  We are signing the papers early and hightailing it to Atlanta to unpack and move in.

I have to run and pack some more!  Big news, big changes, and big times ahead.

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