February Already

A personal note to my 2pennies readers:

We are just about settled in to our new lives in Atlanta and I am starting to eke out some free time to blog again. It had been hard finding resources, from pediatricians and dentists to preschools and playdates, for Oliver and Evelyn . I joined a local MeetUp group for moms and gathered some great referrals.  Thankfully, the kids are all set to go now.  We even have a local “emergency contact”!  I never knew how difficult it was to get things going with kids unless you have a local, non-family member to use as a contact person in case the hubby or I get squished.

The house is as setup as it’s ever going to be, considering that we plan to buy a house over the summer.  The boxes that remain have been relabeled and permanently stored.  I’m relieved to finally be done with boxes.  I’m going to a class on Tuesday about how to buy “distressed properties”.  Apparently, we are bored without a house to constantly work on ad infinitum.  Okay, okay – the hubby is bored without constantly having a project to do.  I already told him that he’ll have to hire himself a sidekick as I’m still traumatized from flipping our old house last summer.

The hubby and I haven’t explored the city yet.  Of course, I know where all the cool kid’s places are, but I don’t think the hubby would enjoy Monkey Joe’s as much as Oliver does.  We found a place that does drop off child care on the weekends and the kids absolutely love spending time there.  We plan to use them a few times so we can get out and about when the weather warms up.

I have a dozen or so posts just waiting to be downloaded from my camera.  I’m crossing my fingers that my free time continues so I can catch up!

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