Fun at Monkey Joe’s

Another place we like taking the kids when it’s cold outside is Monkey Joe’s.  I had seen Monkey Joe’s around before, but never tried one out until we moved to Atlanta.   Monkey Joe’s is basically bounce-house central.  Ours has 6 different air inflatable play “houses”.  There’s also a section full of toys for toddlers.

 I just about had a heart attack the first time Oliver went down this slide.  It reaches all the way to the ceiling (at least 20ft tall)!  He did not hesitate one second before jumping from the top of the slide. 

 There are 2 bouncy areas for kids 3 and under.  Evelyn doesn’t need her daddy’s help to jump anymore.


 Oliver burns off some serious energy at Monkey Joe’s from all the climbing, bouncing, jumping, and running with the other kids.  Evelyn is content to play ball with her momma.

If you have kids under 12, you might want to check out your local bouncey house.  The earlier in the day, the younger the kids are as the older ones will be in school.  That’s good for us, because the older kids are too rough around my babies.  There are also frequent visitor programs or advance ticket discounts.  Be wary of going on a weekend when there are tons of birthday parties and on school holidays. Don’t forget socks.  They won’t let the kids jump without them and they won’t let you retrieve stuck kids without your socks on either. 

All in all, it’s a great place for my kiddos to blow off some steam from time to time.  The kids love it!

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