Easy Crown Craft for Kids

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!  In honor of Mardi Gras, one of my favorite “holidays”, we made crowns for the kids.

You need one cereal box, some construction paper, glue, and decorating supplies (ie. crayons, markers, etc…).   Slip the box over your kid’s head to see how it will fit.  If it is too big or too small you can adjust it later on, but make a note of it now.


Remove the box from their head and flatten it out.  Cut the box in half, across the middle, so you end up with 2 headbands.

With the box flattened out, draw a crown design and cut out with a pair of scissors.  You will be cutting through 2 layers of cardboard at once.  Using a glue stick, paste construction paper over the crown and trim to the design. 

Note: If you need a smaller crown, cut your crown at a seam and remove excess cardboard.  Tape the new seam together and then proceed to cover with paper.  If you need a bigger crown, cut your crown at the seam and add cardboard for the size you need.  Tape the seams well and then cover with glue and paper.

I let the kids decorate their own crowns.  I helped Evelyn paste some jewels on, but she did all the artwork herself.

Oliver is mighty handy with a glue stick.  He makes his crafty mama so proud!  He pasted on a variety of green and purple “jewels”.  I then outlined the jewels with a black crayon so they would PoP.

And may I present King Oliver and Queen Evelyn of the Krewe of Norton to preside over the festivities in our house.  True to Mardi Gras colors, we have gold in the crowns and jems of purple and green.  Bring on the beads!

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