Fun at Play! Activity Center for Kids

 These pictures were taken in Dec 2011.  The kids are a few months older now and you might notice that they look different than those in the last post. Not trying to confuse anybody.

I thank my lucky stars to have found a place called Play!.  It is sort of a discovery center and mini-gymnasium all bundled up into one. 

In the gym, they have trampolines, a crash-pit, inflatable tumbling/bounce pads, slides, ramps, balance beams, monkey bars, etc…   

 We are usually one of the first ones in the door in the morning and the kids get the run of the gym.  The place fills up quickly though.  Oliver loves playing with the other kids and has blossomed from all the activity.

In the discovery center, they have different areas for kids to play and explore filled with things like books, puzzles, gears, chalkboards, trains, legos, blocks, etc…

Looks like someone else thought playing with rice  is good for little kids too!

The kids visit about twice a week.  I either bring them and play, or I can drop them off at their care center.  The kids love, love, love this place and are well taken care of.  They have gym time, arts and craft time, free play, snacks, and lunch.   Drop-off care is $11/hr for the both of them and we can do a max of 4 hours at a time. Their drop-off child care has been a blessing for me.  I’ve been able to go grocery shopping, run errands, go to the library, and swing by the doctor’s without worrying about them. 

The best part?  The days they go to Play!, they sleep like rocks at night – not a peep.

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