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Picking Pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

It’s pumpkin picking time again!  We took the little ones to the same pumpkin patch as last year for some fall fun. 

Last year, Evelyn was a few weeks away from making her grand debut and Oliver was my “baby” at 16 months.  Now he is all grown up and Evelyn is footloose and fancy free.

Our first stop was at the corn crib.  They filled this enclosure with about 2 feet of corn kernels.  I jumped in with the kids and it was pretty wild!  I bet it would be awesome to sleep on.  Corn kernel mattresses.  Hmmm…maybe we should market that. 

Second stop was a visit with the goats. 

Oliver always loves looking at the animals.

Evelyn didn’t know what to make of it.  A bear that walks and make noises?

Daddy and Oliver scoured the patch for some choice pumpkins.

We made a game of it and Oliver found quite a few.  Actually, Oliver’s game was chucking the pumpkins through the air, which we tried to “squash”.

Evelyn preferred to crawl over the picked pumpkins herself.  We picked a couple tiny ones for her and she proceeded to eat them like her brother did the year before. 

It was a beautiful day to be outdoors.  A hayride and corn maze later and we were ready to head home with our squash.  We have our annual pumpkin carving party this upcoming weekend. 

I am glad we spent the time out instead of in packing up our house.  I feel like we need to get the “lasts” out of our system before we move.  The last time for this…the last time for that…  I want to close these chapters before we start the new ones.

Fall Fun at the Corn Maze

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Daddy came home this weekend bringing crisp fall weather with him.  We went to a local corn maze for some fun in the sun.

They had tractors of all sorts, bouncy houses, play gyms, hay bales to climb, a sand pit, horses, hay rides, and a corn maze to go through.  The maze, horse and hay rides all required tickets – everything else was free!

Evelyn got lost in the toddler hay maze.  She kept thinking, “Why would I walk through this maze when I can just climb over these hay bales?”

Oliver thought that billy goats ate anything.  The goat was like, “Dude, that’s a rock.  Give me a cheeto.”

Evelyn kept the cheetos to herself.

It was a breezy and cool 61 degrees in the sun when we went.  The kiddos had cold little noses and frozen fingers by the time we left.  I need my friend Rebecca to make Evelyn a little hat for the winter (wink, wink).  Evelyn liked checking things out from the wagon and Oliver loved jumping in the bouncy house and running around.  It was a great way to have some family time before Daddy ships off to Atlanta again on Sunday.

Search the internet to find your local farm, pumpkin patch, or corn maze and see what they have going on.  Sometimes, you have to pay to enter the property and experience what they have to offer.  Other times, you can walk right in and have all the free fun you can stand for one bright and sunny autumn day.  It’s worth a look!

Baby On the Move

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Evelyn has decided that it’s time to walk this week.  She started with a few small steps and is now unstoppable.  At 10 1/2 months, she’s a few weeks ahead of Oliver.  She walked for her daddy on the skype video call last night and it made his night.  She tries her hardest to follow Oliver everywhere he goes.  Poor little dude needs some mommy enforced alone time!

Sunday at the Park

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

It finally has stopped raining and just in time too.  One of Oliver’s friends turned 3 today and we went to her birthday party at a local park.

Oliver got to feed the ducks, but I’m told there were no ducks in sight.

Instead of bread, Oliver threw rocks — and he loved it!

At the playground daddy helped him down the big corkscrew slide.  After a few helping turns, he was zipping down all by himself.

There was even a section of the play gym for Evelyn too.

She tried to walk down the slide and after a near disastrous fall daddy stepped in to help her out too.

Her first slide ride!  She is not the thrill seeker that Oliver is.  She is perfectly happy to stand at the top and boss everyone around (ahem…).

Our fun was shortlived as daddy/the hubby had to leave for Atlanta today.  We went our separate ways after teary goodbyes and that was that.  I just have to remember that tomorrow is another day.  Soon enough daddy/the hubby will be back for a visit.

Catch That Train

Monday, September 19th, 2011

So the house has been on the market for over 3 weeks and we’ve had 3 or 4 showings so far.  After working hard all summer, we find ourselves lost on the weekends with *gasp* free time.  It has been hard to adjust to just sitting around, so I went and volunteered at the kid’s consignment sale last week to take up some time.

Lo and behold, if you volunteer you get to shop early at the 50% off days (as I’ve written many, many times).  Waiting for me last Saturday was a little battery operated train set for only $7.  My little man LOVES trains and I hoped he would like it…

Oliver and his daddy set up the tracks together and gave the train a spin.  At first, Oliver was a little scared by the noise the train made but…

after a few rounds, he couldn’t get enough!!!  The train makes a half dozen laps on the track singing songs, talking, blowing whistles, and making the chugga-chugga sound. 

Oliver was a happy camper.

Evelyn, on the other hand, was not.  She was uber frustrated that we wouldn’t let her derail the train.

She gave it her best shot and managed to catch it enough times that daddy had to corral her.

Look ma, I’m a tunnel!  (He thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread.)

Woo, woo!  Watch out for those little fingers!  Silly mommy, don’t you know that Babyzilla is impervious to plastic trains?

Once Evelyn found the magnet play book that I picked up for Oliver, she lost all interest in the train.

So instead of working all day on Sunday, we played with trains all afternoon.  I’d say that’s a good trade-off don’t you think?  Woo Woo!

First Friday Family Night Out

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

We finally made it back to Marbles for our First Friday family night out after a 2 month hiatus.  The last time we were here, Evelyn was just getting up on her knees.  Now, she crawls from one end of the baby area to another!

They have the coolest foam blocks for the kiddos to climb on.  Evelyn wouldn’t stop until she reached the top of the highest one.

That’s my cutie pie!  She had so much fun there, especially when her brother came in to play for a bit.

For the first time ever, Oliver didn’t play with the trains!  He kept going back to the telephone booth though.  He was too cute pretending to talk into the phone.

Oliver has reached the age where he doesn’t want to pose for pictures of any sort.  Getting him to sit still for 20 seconds is like trying to hold a slippery eel.  There’s too much to see and do to just sit around!

It was good getting out as a family again.  We could have worked on the house, but figured it was time for a much needed break.  The kids loved it and that’s what matters the most right now.

Snack Time is Fun Time

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

I sit with the kids when they have their afternoon snack and treat them to my one mommy vaudeville act.  I had the kids cracking up with my rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  We do the songs in sign language first with no noise.  Then we do them with gestures and humming.  Lastly, we break out into full chorus and wildly flapping hands.  The kids LoVe it!

It doesn’t hurt that they also love graham crackers too…

Happy snacking everyone!

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood

Clearing Away the Bricks

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Now that the brick path project is winding down, we can finally start getting rid of some rubble.  I am so happy to get our driveway back after 3 years!

Oliver loves helping out, especially when it comes to his daddy.  We let Oliver help out with chores when he can.  It’s a great way to get some free exercise and he just loves feeling useful.  I know that it may take longer to teach him to do something.  He also moves slower and is sometimes in the way, but it is so worth it to watch him concentrate so hard on his task and light up like the sun when he gets it right.

The hubby said that for the first time ever, he didn’t recognize Oliver today.  He says that Oliver is all grown up and not a baby anymore.

Oliver got a good workout!  He steadily loaded the van with broken bricks in 98+ degree heat.  I’m glad the hubby finally has an enthusiastic helper for his projects.  :-)

Do your kids like to help you around the house?

Baby Recovered, Mommy Sick

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Evelyn’s fever dropped down to 101.5 on Friday and broke during the night.  By Saturday, she was 100% fever free.  Still no other symptoms.  Pretty strange.  She has been tugging on her ear a bit, so maybe she has a mouthful of chompers coming in (doc ruled out ear infection).

I took these pics during lunch today.  She’s a regular laugh riot!  The hubby was outside most of today working.  He rebuilt the steps to the deck and raked/mowed the entire yard.  We are getting rid of our random debris bit by bit.  All that’s left now are rain barrels, 60 cinder blocks and tomato cages.  Anyone want 60 cinder blocks?

Tonight we painted the hall and front porch ceilings.  I also did the baseboard.  That was quite a feat considering that I am sick.  Yesterday was a wash for us with a birthday party and me crashing in bed all day.  Today, my head cold symptoms are gone but I feel drained, achy, and weak.  I also have a fever…

Just wanted to share with you some cute photos to start your week off right.  I have a ton of posts backed up about home renovation.  When I’m not renovating, cleaning, chasing babies, or being sick I’ll start posting them!

Have a great Monday everyone.

Baby Scare with Crib

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

We have been busy lately with me painting doors, the hubby working on bricks, and us packing up the house, but there’s nothing like a rambunctious baby to stop us dead in our tracks. 

Evelyn is quite the mover and shaker.  She is one strong little girl and a tough cookie.  Today, I put her down for her morning nap and she fussed for a bit and then it was quiet.  About 15 minutes later, I heard something or someone rattling a baby gate.  I just about had a heart attack!  Oliver was at school and Evelyn was sound asleep in her crib…

Imagine my surprise when I crept down the hall, with bat in hand, and saw my little Houdini shaking the gate.  I had my second heart attack of the day at the sight!  After a close inspection for injuries, I checked out the crib and saw that she had ripped out a couple of the slats from between the top and bottom side rail.  I’m thankful that she fell to the floor without injury and didn’t get caught going over the edge of the mattress.

That little incident shook up our entire day.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.  When the hubby came home we went straight over to the store and bought a brand new crib.  At first the hubby wanted to shore up her old crib with 2X4s, but I refused.  There’s no place for frugality when it comes to the safety of your child.  This is also why we don’t by used car seats, because you never know if they have been in a wreck and if they are still safe.

The new crib is at it’s lowest setting and Evelyn can still reach up over the top rail!  She is so strong, she can almost do pull ups with the bar.  We moved Oliver to a mattress on the floor when he was one year old.  We may do that with Evelyn sooner, rather than risk her going over the top of the crib at 7, 8, or 9 months!

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