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Happy Fourth of July 2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

This year we decided to celebrate the 4th at home again.  During our trip to Florida last year, we stocked up on legal fireworks (a.k.a. nothing that would leave the ground).  In the middle of home renovation craziness, we invited family and friends over for a little bbq.  Nothing motivates us to finish projects more than having a house full of hungry people!

Last year, Oliver loved watching the sparklers and fountains.  This year – not so much.  Aside from the bright lights and loud noises, he/we didn’t care too much for the pouring rain.  When it was too wet for the fuses to stay lit, my brother became a one man show with a fistful of sparklers.  We abrubtly ended the display when an exploding firecracker scared the wits out of the kids. 

My brother made a comment that has stuck with me all day.  He looked up from his show and said that he saw a lot of babies where we were sitting.  The hubby took a picture and here we are with the 4 kiddos.

I cannot believe our little gang of 6 has grown to 10 in just 2 years! Our nights of board games, wine, and sushi have come to a momentary halt.  Instead, there are afternoon get togethers that end before bedtime, lots of baby juggling as mommies try to eat, hundreds of dirty diapers and hours of breastfeeding breaks.  Everyone takes turns feeding hungry open mouths, chasing after toddlers and doing the shushing, bouncing, soothing walks to and fro.  The kids entertain us in ways that boardgames didn’t and frustrate us in ways that even a tight game of Monopoly can’t beat (on second thought, Monopoly is serious business around here).

Moving away from here will be bittersweet.  We are 100% committed to leaving this city and our pros list is far longer than cons.  On the other hand, leaving our cozy group is a heavy con to weigh.

Here’s to the last 4th of July in our little house and to family and friends that make these days memorable.  I hope you had a good celebration yourself.

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