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100 Posts for 2 Pennies!

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Fourth of July fireworks in NYC

Wow – This is my one-hundredth post for 2 Pennies! I feel that I can officially call myself a blogger now.

I have been striving for this day since I started this blog last March. It always seemed so far away and suddenly, here it is! We have big plans for the blog this year and even bought a nice, big whiteboard that we are installing this weekend to keep track of our progress.

Here are some changes that you may notice:

1) Re-categorization of posts – After writing 100 posts, I’ve seen definite trends in some subjects over others. I am going to streamline my categories, then retag my posts to fit the new categories. My wish is to make it easier for you to find the info you want.

2) Scheduled topic days – Every Friday, I want to blog about food, mostly frugal recipes. I’m also going to start adding some Thai inspired meals that you can do yourself (will need my mama’s help for that). Every Saturday, I will do a “Sound Off” and just free blog about what is going on in our lives and what you may see coming up in the blog. The other days will be filled with posts about ways we are saving money as we live it, such as a series on gardening as I get my garden going, projects for children as I play with and teach our kids, or more experiments with do it yourself products as we need to use them.

3) Give-aways – Our first give away will be to celebrate our 1-year anniversary in March. After that, I will be sponsoring give-aways throughout the year where you will have an opportunity to win something nice.

4) Interviews, guest-bloggers, and blog reviews – The blogosphere is filled with people who have ideas for saving money, living frugally, and loving life. What makes blogging so special is that we feel like we belong to a community and we love sharing with others. I want to bring more of their insight to you.

5) A post every 48 hours – My personal challenge is to reach 200 posts this year, barring unusual circumstances. If I posted once every 48 hours, I would have 182 posts at the end of the year. All I need to do is squeeze another 18 posts in there somewhere. My ultimate goal would be 313, which is every day but Sundays!

6) Learn PHP and brush up on tech stuff – PHP is the scripting language that drives my blog. It is vastly different from what I used to do in my old IT days. I want to learn PHP so that I can tweak my blog, make it more user friendly, fix bugs (yes, I know there is a compatibility problem in Internet Explorer), and make it look “pretty”. There is also tons of stuff behind the scenes that I need to brush up on, as I haven’t been a true “techie” since 2001.

Let’s see how I do after the next hundred posts! That should put us at July, which coincidentally, is the same halfway point for my New Year’s resolution to lose 40lbs this year. Wish me luck!

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