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CVS – A Total Steal of a Deal!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Here’s what I bought last Sunday for $15.57 pre-tax:

15 Bucks Worth of CVS Groceries

I felt like I had robbed CVS.  Well, to be exact I told the cashier – “Man, you all are just giving it away!”  Yes, I said “You All”.  Moving on…

I don’t know if I am more shocked that I only paid 15 bucks for all that loot, or that I shared a picture of my maxi-pads and hair dye with the world.

Building upon what we learned from my CVS lesson, I meticulously scanned the Sunday CVS insert in the paper and looked for sales.

These are the 4 things I looked for:

1) Sale items at a discounted price.
2) BOGOs – Buy One Get One offers, either free or half price.
3) If buying the item would earn me Extra Bucks – bonus if the item was also on sale.
4) If we would actually use the item.

I circled everything interesting that I found and then went to my coupon stash.  I found all the matches that I could and crossed off everything on the list that I did not have a coupon for.

With 9 coupons, one CVS $4 off $20 coupon, and $12 in Extra Bucks in hand I went to CVS.  I left CVS with 14 items, another $4 off $20 coupon, and $10.50 in Extra Bucks.

Total cost: $18.50 after tax

CVS receipt showing the savings after the coupons.
Total savings: $53.09

Total Money Saved at CVS This Shopping Trip
Total discounts for next time:  $14.50

More CVS Coupons and Extra Bucks

As I said earlier, a total steal!

Frugal Tip of the Day: Look for a Customer Care Card Coupon Kiosk.  I’m not sure if that is the official name, but it will be a tall machine where you scan your CVS card to print out coupons on the spot.  I scanned my card and got a $4 of $20 and some EBs that had been adding up in my account.  Also, buy the Green Bag Tag for $0.99.  Attach it to your reusable tote and earn 1/4 of an EB each trip.

Here is why we need 4 boxes of cereal:

Baby Spilled His Cheerios Everywhere

The baby grabbed the cereal container off the table and dumped the entire thing in his lap and onto the floor.  This little dude knows what he wants!

Coupon Countdown For The Sunday Paper

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Fresh off my CVS victory and still riding a penny pincher’s high I found myself anxiously waiting to get the paper this Sunday.  Someone won the big Powerball jackpot last week and the prize drops to $40,000,000.  We only buy $5 worth of lotto tickets this time. 

So far clipping coupons has cost me $19.50.

Ever the efficient one, I brought out my guillotine style paper cutter to make short work of the coupon clipping today.  This did not turn out so good.  The paper cutter makes perfectly straight cuts, but doesn’t account for the variations in the sizes or the placement of the coupons on the backside of the page.  I turn to plan B: a rotary blade with a self-healing mat.  Voila!  I am in coupon cutting heaven! Via free hand control, I can glide around the edges of the coupons I want.  It takes me 1/4 of the time that the scissors did and no blisters.

This Sunday’s haul netted me 118 coupons worth $140.30.  Add that to last week and I have roughly 215 coupons worth $268.  As for the spread, the two papers generally had different coupons.  For some reason, I now have 10 coupons for yogurt.  I’m feeling intense pressure to go out and buy yogurt.

I’ve systematically sorted the coupons more or less per grocery store aisle (Lowe’s Food).  I recycled my junk mail envelopes to hold the coupons.  I’m waiting for next weekend for our big shopping trip to Kroger’s and double-coupon world.

Frugal tip of the day:  Reuse the envelopes that your bills and junk mail come in.  Use a letter opener or sacrifice a sharp knife and make a clean cut to open your mail.  The backsides of the envelopes are usually blank and are perfect to write on.  If you are serious about becoming a couponista you can always purchase those fancy coupon organizers later.

2 Pennies Hearts CVS

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Frugal shopping at its finest. 

For my first trip, I wanted to keep it simple and figure out how these Extra Bucks worked.

1) Got the CVS flyer out and matched up any manufacturer’s coupons that I had with any products that I could earn Extra Bucks.


2) Dug up an old receipt that had a $4 off $20 coupon.

3) Went to CVS, gathered my items together, had my CVS Extra Care Card scanned, gave them my $4 off coupon, then my manufacturer’s coupons. 

Here is what I bought:

Pamper’s Cruisers – Earn 3 Extra Bucks: $11.99 without Extra Care Card.  $8.97 with Extra Care Card.

4 L’Oreal Products totaling $20 to earn 4 Extra Bucks.

* 2 Hair Color kits:  $8.79 without Extra Care Card.  $5.99 with Extra Care Card. 

* 2 L’Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner products:  $6.99 without Extra Care Card.  $5.99 with Extra Care Card.

Zyrtec – Earn 7 Extra Bucks:  $22.99 without Extra Care Card.  $18.99 with Extra Care Card.

Nail polish remover – No EBs, No sale, No coupon: $1.99

Total cost without Extra Care Card:             $68.53
Total cost with Extra Care Card:                   $53.91
Total after using $4 off $20 coupon:             $49.91
Total after manufacturer’s $12 coupons:       $37.91

Total Extra Bucks earned for next visit:        $15.00
Additional $4 off $20 coupon earned:             $4.00
Total Savings to be used for next visit:         $19.00

Wow.  19 bucks!  I have until April 4th to use the $4 off $20 and April 20th for the EBs.  I have since created an account online with CVS and registered my Extra Care Card.  All my coupons and Extra Bucks show up online now in case I lose my receipt. 

Ideally, I will use these 19 EBs towards other purchases that will earn EBs.  I’ll report in a month to see if I was able to keep rolling my savings into each purchase.

Frugal tip of the day:  Start small.  Look at the CVS flyer and go purchase an item that you want that also will earn you Extra Bucks.  The next time, use your Extra Bucks towards another purchase to get your savings back.

CVS – A Penny Pinchers Paradise

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

While searching online for frugal shopping tips, I kept coming across CVS.  I always thought drugstores jacked up their prices and never considered shopping there as a regular customer.  I was intrigued.

Here are the very basics from what I found:

1)  Extra Care Card  – Get one!  You will need the Extra Care Card to take advantage of the discounts and to earn Extra Bucks.  You can sign up for one online at or better yet, go into a CVS and get your card instantly at the store.  Just tell the person at the register that you want to sign up for a card.

2)  Extra Bucks – This is like CVS monopoly money.  When you use your Extra Care Card your purchases are tracked and you earn Extra Bucks (dollars) that you can use towards your next purchase.  You can earn EBs several ways. 

            * Earn 2% back with every in-store and online purchase.

            * Earn 1 EB for every 2 prescriptions purchased.

            * Earn EBs on select brands as advertised in the weekly circular.

            * Earn 1 EB on every 4th visit using the green bag tag. (more info below)

The Extra Bucks are printed at the end of your store receipt and can be printed from your online account.  All Extra Bucks have an expiration date.  They also cannot be traded in for cash and you must use the entire buck – they will not give you change.

3)  $X off $XX coupons – Periodically, you will find an $X of $XX coupon printed at the end of your receipt.  This means X dollar amount will be taken off of XX dollar amount subtotal.  For example, $4 off of $20.  The coupon is only good if the subtotal, pre-tax is equal to or more than $20.  These have an expiration date.

3)  Online coupons – In addition to using manufacturer’s coupons, you can go online and print coupons from CVS for featured items.  You can also print CVS coupons for their product line.  These have an expiration date.

4)  Green bag tag – If you use your own reusable shopping bag/tote, you can purchase a Green Bag Tag at the register for 99cents.  Clip the tag to your bag and every visit have the green bag tag scanned.  On the 4th visit with the green bag tag, you will earn 1 EB and it will be printed on your receipt.

5)  Extra Care Account Online – If you haven’t figured it out yet, the CVS receipt is golden and must be tracked with the utmost care.  This is directed at those people who throw out their receipts and lose those precious Extra Bucks in the process. 

To assist with tracking all your mad money, you can create an account online and link your Extra Care card to the account.  Voila! All your coupons and Extra Bucks will be listed and can be printed before you go into the store.

Does all this sound complicated?  The only thing to do now is actually try it out tomorrow and report back how it went.

Frugal tip of the day:  Google money saving tips online and find scads of ideas to try.  I picked some of the most common ones hoping that they tried and true.

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