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Frugal Easter Baskets

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

I made my kids Easter baskets for the first time ever!  I used little buckets and pails that I had bought on sale for less than a dollar each.  I figured that these would be more useful than baskets in the long run.  I then waited until the week before Easter to buy the little plastic eggs.  I ended up getting 12 for a dollar on sale.  The obligatory Peeps were 50 cents for 3 boxes.  I bought Oliver a book and Evelyn some bunny ears for one dollar each in Target’s $1 bins.

Instead of buying that fake plastic grass, I made my own for pennies.  I folded up 2 sheets of construction paper accordian style.  With the paper folded up like a closed fan, I cut off 1/4 inch strips.  I fluffed the pile, and voila!  – instant filler for my buckets.

Oliver liked his bucket.  I filled the eggs with strawberries and blackberries.  He was hooked!  He also got to eat one peep all by himself (the other ones vanished in thin air!).  He stuffed the entire thing in his mouth and after giving it a few chews he spit it out.  Smart kid…

Evelyn liked her little bucket too.  The Easter bunny brought her a spring outfit to wear, a teething ring, and some cool rabbit ears.

After chowing down on peeps, we tromped outside to hunt for eggs.  That wascally wabbit couldn’t pull the wool over Oliver’s eyes!

He very efficiently found every single egg and then dropped the bucket to go play on his slide!

The shirt says it all!

Their Easter baskets cost $7.50 to make, including $2.50 in fruit.  Evelyn’s outfit is a hand me down from a friend that she is now able to wear and her teething ring was a gift at Christmas that we had put away.  Everything else was on sale.  The best part is that Oliver can use his pail (and shovel) outside for play and Evelyn’s bucket is going in her room to hold tubes of butt-cream and nose spray.  The eggs and bunny ears will be stored until next year and the “grass” will be composted.

We hope you had a happy Easter too!

Spinning Easter Eggs

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

We colored Easter eggs for the first time as a family!  A friend gave us a new-fangled egg spinner kit.  It looked like a small salad spinner that you drip food dye into.  It was advertised as “EASY” and “NO MESS”.

Oliver LOVED the egg spinner.  It reminded him of his old push and spin popcorn toys.  He was so excited!

Oliver’s first ever Easter egg – not too shabby! 

As for the “NO MESS” and “EASY” – uh, no.  We only did 5 eggs and it took quite awhile.  You had to clean the machine after each color and at the very least between each egg.  They dye dripped everywhere and our fingers are all stained a nice red/purple/blue.  Was it fun though?  Heck, yeah!  I felt like a kid again mixing up colors and sprinkling glitter all over.  And like I said, Oliver LOVED it!  :-)

Evelyn didn’t get to color any eggs, but she sure liked playing with them.  She concentrated very hard trying to pick them up and mouth them.

It was all good until we noticed that the dye and glitter were coming off – even after they were “dry”.  Maybe next year little girl!

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