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Happy Fourth of July 2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

This year we decided to celebrate the 4th at home again.  During our trip to Florida last year, we stocked up on legal fireworks (a.k.a. nothing that would leave the ground).  In the middle of home renovation craziness, we invited family and friends over for a little bbq.  Nothing motivates us to finish projects more than having a house full of hungry people!

Last year, Oliver loved watching the sparklers and fountains.  This year – not so much.  Aside from the bright lights and loud noises, he/we didn’t care too much for the pouring rain.  When it was too wet for the fuses to stay lit, my brother became a one man show with a fistful of sparklers.  We abrubtly ended the display when an exploding firecracker scared the wits out of the kids. 

My brother made a comment that has stuck with me all day.  He looked up from his show and said that he saw a lot of babies where we were sitting.  The hubby took a picture and here we are with the 4 kiddos.

I cannot believe our little gang of 6 has grown to 10 in just 2 years! Our nights of board games, wine, and sushi have come to a momentary halt.  Instead, there are afternoon get togethers that end before bedtime, lots of baby juggling as mommies try to eat, hundreds of dirty diapers and hours of breastfeeding breaks.  Everyone takes turns feeding hungry open mouths, chasing after toddlers and doing the shushing, bouncing, soothing walks to and fro.  The kids entertain us in ways that boardgames didn’t and frustrate us in ways that even a tight game of Monopoly can’t beat (on second thought, Monopoly is serious business around here).

Moving away from here will be bittersweet.  We are 100% committed to leaving this city and our pros list is far longer than cons.  On the other hand, leaving our cozy group is a heavy con to weigh.

Here’s to the last 4th of July in our little house and to family and friends that make these days memorable.  I hope you had a good celebration yourself.

Meet The Baby Party – A celebration of life

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

My little froggy is 3 months old!  This past weekend we had her coming out party and invited friends and family over to meet her.

She was a trooper for the party.  She went from person to person and smiled and cooed at everyone.   She is such a little flirt!

Oliver liked having everyone over, especially his little buddy.  I’ll have to get permission from his folks before I post a pic of him, but Oliver and his friend are so adorable.  They bring out the best in each other.  His friend was eating raw veggies and for the first time ever, Oliver wanted to eat raw veggies too!  He ate an entire bowl.  :-)

When Oliver was 3 months, we also had a meet the baby party.  It wasn’t until Evelyn that I realized these parties are becoming popular and that there are so many questions floating around on the internet.  Should I have a baby shower or a meet the baby party?  Should we throw it ourselves or does someone host it for us?  When is the proper time to have one-  2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc…?  Should people bring gifts?  What do we serve?  Who do we invite – men, women, children?

Let me clear a few things  up – you are inviting people to come meet your baby – you do it any way you want to, simple as that!  You are the hosts of your party (it’s your kid after all), you decide when you are ready to have guests and when your baby is strong enough.  If you want gifts or not, that is up to you to specify on the invite.  Some people are skipping the baby shower all together and create a registry for the meet the baby party.  Others specify that presents are optional or not necessary.  You serve what you are up to serving.  If you love cooking, whip up some gourmet appetizers.  If you work full-time, have two kids, and are busy, busy, set out a veggie tray, chips and dip, and sodas.  You invite whoever you want to meet your baby, whether it’s men, women, familes, etc…

For us, we chose 3 months for both the kids.  At 3 months, they are healthy and strong.  Their sleep and eating schedules have settled down and become somewhat predictable.  Their immune systems have toughened up and their little heads aren’t so floppy.  At 3 months, mommy and daddy have somewhat recovered from new baby craziness and the house is somewhat clean again.  Presents were not necessary for us and we served up a simple fare of chips, dip, veggies, brownies, soda, and water.  The party was scheduled from 3-5pm and lasted until 6pm.  We kept it simple and everyone had a great time.  Oliver had an awesome playdate and Evelyn got to charm everyone.  What more could you ask for?

If you are having a baby, you might want to think about throwing your own party.  It’s nice for the people in your life to get a chance to meet your little bundle of joy and you get a chance to be the proud parent.

Visit from a friend to kick off the New Year right

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

We have definitely sacrificed to live the frugal life.  We eat out less -much less, we rent movies in lieu of the theater, we go to shows and concerts once in a blue moon, and don’t go out to shoot pool or bowl anymore.  Sometimes it can be frustrating, but we kept one happiness – good friends.

My girlfriend from New York came down to visit this New Year’s weekend.  It was a breath of fresh air to talk and catch up with her.  We swapped frugal ideas and tips and tricks for the blog.  It was nice to have someone like-minded to bounce ideas off of.

She also shed new light on living frugally.  She talked about sustainability or the way we, as humans, need to use resources in such a way that we do not deplete them in order to maintain our well-being in the long run.  Going green or using green technologies is one of many ways to do this.  Another way is to do as we do – live frugally.  Use less, waste less, and recycle more.  We both loved the concept of consignment sales and second hand items for baby goods.  She might have even talked me into using cloth diapers rather than fill our dumps with everlasting diapers.

Above all else, she reminded us that having a good time can be as simple as having a visitor to share a meal with or someone to go with you and the kids on a play date.  Thanks for dropping by Alessandra, you are welcome anytime!

Frugal Tip of the Day: Get to know people that have similar beliefs as you.  It is much easier to live frugally when you have friends around that do it too.

4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!

Friday, October 29th, 2010

For the 4th year in a row, we turned our living room into pumpkin carving central!  We invited family and friends over for some good old fashioned Halloween fun. 

Oliver played with his friend most of the night, but was dying to help me carve out my pumpkin.  He liked playing with the lid and squishing around in the guts.  Notice my floor is covered in plastic, so he was able to experiment all he wanted.


We managed to eke out 6 pumpkins tonight with 6 more to go before Sunday.  It was great catching up with friends and taking a break from the upcoming baby madness. 

Here are some ways that we saved money at our party and some other tips to throwing a fun pumpkin party:

1) Be first in line on November 1st at your local drugstores to pick up discounted Halloween goodies for next year.  We love Walgreens, because they usually discount their items 75 percent off.  We always pick up bundles of pumpkin carving supplies, templates, and decorations for a fraction of the normal cost.

2) Have the party after dinner time and offer snacks.  This cuts down on the amount of work you have to do and the amount of money you have to spend on food.  Also, by offering snacks you get more time to carve the pumpkins versus eating a meal.

3) Pick up plastic sheeting at Lowe’s or Home Depot to cover your floor.  I bought mine for a buck or so in the painting aisle.  They are plastic drop cloths.  Also, line several bowls/pots with plastic grocery store bags for the pumpkin guts.  Clean up is a breeze once the carving is done.  We literally roll up all the garbage in the drop cloth and we are done.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to chip in either with food, drinks, or supplies.  The spirit of the party is to get everyone together for a good time.  I know many people who think hosting a party means spending tons of money and “wow-ing” the crowd.  Here’s how I hosted this event:  I provided the venue and the pumpkin carving supplies.  I also provided snacks (chips, veggies, dip, and brownies), water, ice, and paper products.  I asked everyone else to bring the beverages and their own pumpkins. 

That’s about it!  With minimal fuss and money spent, we had a great time.  Sometimes the best nights “out” are nights in with family and friends.

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