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Year end steals

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Instinctually, humankind must hunt and gather to survive.  In the modern day male, this need manifests itself in sports.  In the modern day female, we have a need to shop!  It’s not just about spending money either, it’s about hunting for the best deals.  I’m sure hundreds of anthropologists out there are shaking their heads at me right now.

Earlier this week I wrote about shopping the year end Christmas sales to save a pretty penny.  I finally managed to get to a few sales myself and only reinforced my money saving ideas.  From my previous blog post:

Item #1 – Christmas decorations, lights, and other holiday things – We don’t need much in the way of decorations, but I did pick up 2 little stockings for the kids for next Christmas.  They were 75 cents a piece down from $3.99.

Item #2 – wrapping paper for all occasions –  I scored 3 gorgeous rolls of wrapping paper that will do me for the rest of the gift giving year.  I even had several people “hunt” me down to ask where I had found my rolls. 

Item #3 – wired ribbon – Michaels and A.C. Moore are chock full of ribbons at rock bottom prices.  I purchased several spools in neutral colors and already have a Valentine Day craft in mind for the little one using my ribbons.

Item #4 – Napkins, paper plates, party supplies, etc – These I didn’t need, but they had massive inventory at the different stores.  I wish I had my camera with me to show you how much you could save.  One store was selling 25 pack small red paper plates for $1.50 in the Christmas section and then at the front of the store in the Valentine Day section they were setting out 25 pack small red paper plates for $4!!!  That’s a difference of $2.50 for the same item.

Item #5 – Regular items packaged for Christmas sale – I also didn’t need any of these, but saw shelf upon shelf of every day items that were 50 – 70% off.  At Target they were selling trunk organizers, touchless soap dispensers, emergency flashlights, mini-reading lights, coffee warmers, etc… for 50% off.  In Michaels these items were labeled “40% off Holiday Impulse Buys”.  They had tons of what they considered to be stocking stuffers that would make excellent party favors for your child’s birthday party.  They even had full fledge wood puzzles that would make excellent gifts period.

In addition to my 5 savings categories, I did break away and took advantage of the sale on regular items as well.  I purchased a winter jacket for my son for $18, down from $47.  That’s about a  60% savings from the regular price.  I bought it in a size 3T which will probably fit him for the next 2 winters.  Not a bad investment for only $18!

Frugal Tip of the Day:  Please understand that I am not suggesting that you go out to spend money just because there are sales out there.  I am telling you to change the way you think about shopping.  By planning ahead and cutting out impulse buying you can schedule your shopping around known sale dates, such as Black Friday or the day after Christmas, to save money.

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