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Cradle Cap Treatment

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

“Say what?!? I have dandruff?”  Actually, it’s called cradle cap.  Evelyn gets scaly, flaky skin on her scalp from time to time.  The docs say its harmless and is caused be a buildup of dead skin cells.  The cells get gunked up by her natural oils, which cause them to stick to her head in scaly patches instead of slough off.  Ewwww….

We went through this with Oliver too.  The doc guesses it doesn’t help that both my babies have a full head of hair, which helps to trap the dead skin.  Of course, the condition is harmless unless you are a freak like me who can’t stop picking at the flakes on her head. 

One quick fix I discovered with Oliver is to rub olive oil into the baby’s scalp and let set for a few minutes to soften the scales.  Next, use a baby brush and gently brush the scalp in small circular motions to loosen the dead skin.  Finally, give the head a good washing with some baby wash or shampoo and gently brush the scalp again to get rid of all the olive oil.

The cradle cap usually disappears with one olive oil treatment, sometimes two for severe cases.  As a bonus, her hair and skin were silky smooth – and she smelled like a salad!

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