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Save Money on Printer Ink by Changing Your Default Font

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

About a month ago, an article circulated the web about how the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay was saving $10,000 a year by switching all computer default fonts to Century Gothic.

I gave it a try and found that the Century Gothic font lines are thinner and use less ink.  The font is also very easy to read, but I noticed the letters seemed much bigger than Arial.  This meant that a full 4 page doc in Arial now took up 4 1/4 pages.  For printing short one pagers like emails, directions, recipes, etc… I love Century Gothic.  In fact, I think I will keep the font for longer docs as well.  Ink for my printer is more expensive that a few extra sheets of paper.

When I researched this further I found that tested out which fonts used the less ink thereby costing less to print with.  Century Gothic came in first, Times New Roman second, and the old Microsoft Word standard, Arial, came in 6th.

  1. Century Gothic= $46.32 /yr
  2. Ecofont
  3. Times New Roman= $47.53 /yr
  4. Calibri
  5. Verdana
  6. Arial= $66.73 /yr
  7. Sans Serif
  8. Trebuchet
  9. Tahoma
  10. Franklin Gothic Medium

After reading about the test done at, I will be staying with Century Gothic and getting off of Arial.

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