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Toddler Activity: Preparing Strawberries for a Snack

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Yummy Strawberries

My son is 19 months old and according to the Montessori way he is old enough to help prepare his own snacks.  He already sets his own table, carries milk from the fridge, and fills his glass from a carafe, so why not let him help with the fruit?

I prewashed the strawberries first to ensure they were clean no matter what Oliver did.  I then set up a strawberry washing station on the counter.  One bowl with the “dirty” strawberries on his left, one bowl with clean water in the middle, and one bowl for the clean strawberries on his right.  I placed a towel under the 3 bowls to catch any spills and then taught him how to methodically wash the strawberries.

He loves water play and was fascinated with “washing” the strawberries.  He took them one at a time from the dirty bowl, dunked them in the water, and placed them in the clean bowl.  When he was done, I reset the station for picking off the leaves.  The whole strawberries were on his left, the discard plate in the middle, and the final bowl to his right.

He industriously picked off each and every leaf from the strawberries.  He spent a good 25 minutes at this task until he was finished.  Afterwards, he clapped his hands and was so happy with himself! :-)

Eating Strawberries

I cut up the berries and he poured himself some milk for a nice mid-morning snack.  I was able to teach him a practical life skill, he learned a new task, built up his confidence, and was thoroughly absorbed for an hour sans TV.  A win-win for all!

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