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Catch That Train

Monday, September 19th, 2011

So the house has been on the market for over 3 weeks and we’ve had 3 or 4 showings so far.  After working hard all summer, we find ourselves lost on the weekends with *gasp* free time.  It has been hard to adjust to just sitting around, so I went and volunteered at the kid’s consignment sale last week to take up some time.

Lo and behold, if you volunteer you get to shop early at the 50% off days (as I’ve written many, many times).  Waiting for me last Saturday was a little battery operated train set for only $7.  My little man LOVES trains and I hoped he would like it…

Oliver and his daddy set up the tracks together and gave the train a spin.  At first, Oliver was a little scared by the noise the train made but…

after a few rounds, he couldn’t get enough!!!  The train makes a half dozen laps on the track singing songs, talking, blowing whistles, and making the chugga-chugga sound. 

Oliver was a happy camper.

Evelyn, on the other hand, was not.  She was uber frustrated that we wouldn’t let her derail the train.

She gave it her best shot and managed to catch it enough times that daddy had to corral her.

Look ma, I’m a tunnel!  (He thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread.)

Woo, woo!  Watch out for those little fingers!  Silly mommy, don’t you know that Babyzilla is impervious to plastic trains?

Once Evelyn found the magnet play book that I picked up for Oliver, she lost all interest in the train.

So instead of working all day on Sunday, we played with trains all afternoon.  I’d say that’s a good trade-off don’t you think?  Woo Woo!

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